Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Inspiration

A few posts ago I told you about some of the things that inspires me in my art. Well, here is another one....the can be oceans, lakes, rivers.....I just love them. I love to watch the play of light on the water, the way the water reflects the colors in the sky, the things of nature around the water. For instance, the way the sun reflects on the rocks and the way that the wind blows the grass and trees, and even the little fish that you can see by the shoreline. All of these things, put together, inspires my art.

This photo is of the beach near us called Walnut Beach. It was taken at a moment when the light illuminated the water and shoreline to resemble glistening diamonds.

This photo, as is most of my photography, is available in a variety of sizes and on a variety of papers. Contact me with any questions. You can purchase an 8x10 by clicking on this link.

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Lynda Lehmann said...

Beautiful, vibrant photo, Eva!