Thursday, May 10, 2007


What inspires art? It's different for everybody. For me its the beauty in the spring flowers, the arrival of the new birds (their song is like a symphony), the first buzz of the hummingbirds and bees, the hurried scurry of the chipmunks, the things of nature. I also get inspired by the sound of the ships horn as they come into the harbor, the light mist that sits gently upon the lake, the multi-colored sunset glowing across the water.
Spring is my favorite season. It's when I feel alive. It's an emotional awakening from a dreary winter that lasted just a bit too long. Not that I don't find beauty in the glistening snowflakes and the illumination of light through the icicles hanging over my door. I just really needed spring to come around.
Nature inspires me. I am in awe of God's creation.


truman testa said...

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